Orthognathic surgery. Ref.: 70

Orthognathic surgery is a treatment to correct the conditions of the jaws and face due to skeletal disharmony that can cause malocclusion problems, sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, aesthetic problems, etc.

In the case of a small or underdeveloped upper jaw, a maxillary advancement is possible.

A gummy smile caused by an excess of the maxilla can be corrected by performing an anterior impaction of the maxillary bone.

An anterior open bite can be corrected by impacting the maxillary bone in its posterior part.

A jaw that is too short can be corrected by making a mandibular advancement.

A jaw that is too large can be corrected by performing jaw retrusion surgery.

In cases in which the problem is in both jaws, such as an upper jaw that is too small and a lower jaw that is too large, it can be corrected by performing bimaxillary surgery, to advance the upper jaw and to retrude the lower jaw.

An upper jaw that is too narrow can be corrected by expanding the maxilla.

A small chin can be corrected with a mentoplasty.

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