Full removable dentures or complete dentures. Ref.: 62

The complete denture is a device for the treatment of total edentulism that replaces the lost natural teeth and restores the bone structures that have been atrophied over time, after the loss of teeth.

That is why it not only serves to improve chewing, but also speech and, especially, aesthetics, which are very deteriorated in the toothless patient.

It is important to remove the prostheses daily to be able to sanitize them properly. There are specific brushes for this, as well as special tablets to dissolve in water and insert the prosthesis in it.

Over time, the bone on which the prostheses rest changes shape, so they will loosen, producing discomfort or ulcerations that require adaptation by the dentist, and/or replacement, after a variable time, by a new one.

Referencia: 62
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