Pediatric dentistry. Baby teeth eruption, sealants, and oral health recommendations for the baby. Ref.: 61

The care of the baby’s mouth should be carried out in the lactation period with a series of appropriate measures after each milk intake. With the appearance of the first baby teeth until the complete replacement by the permanent teeth, the child’s oral hygiene should continue to be supervised.

There are 20 baby teeth in total, and they begin to erupt around the sixth or seventh month. The first to erupt are usually the lower incisors, followed by the upper ones. After the first year, normally all the baby teeth have erupted.

The use of sealants to protect the grooves of the teeth from possible cavities is an effective preventive treatment.

When the first baby teeth begin to erupt, it is possible that the baby experiences symptoms such as the urge to bite, excessive salivation, crying, irritability, and even low-grade fever (<37.5ºC).

It is important to teach the child the correct brushing techniques and make it a habit of hygiene. For this, games can be used, being the parents the referents that the child can imitate.

The use of a pacifier or prolonged thumb suction (beyond 3-4 years) can produce an alteration in the growth of the child’s mouth, which can generate problems of dental malposition.

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