Periimplantitis. Ref.: 43

Periimplantitis is an inflammatory process that affects the tissues surrounding a dental implant and that can lead to its loss. The origin of periimplantitis is due to an accumulation of plaque and tartar around the surface of the implant. The plaque and tartar bacteria will cause the tissues around the implant to become inflamed and the bone to begin to reabsorb.

One of the treatments of periimplantitis consists of removing the affected tissue and decontaminating the surface of the implant with different chemical agents and physical means such as curettes or pressure spray. Once the implant surface is completely clean, and when possible, a biomaterial filling can be made on the space left by the reabsorbed bone. In cases where bone filling is not possible, the area will be sutured, leaving part of the surface of the implant exposed to the oral environment, which will require specific hygienic measures.

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