Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. Ref.: 42

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Plasma Rich in Growth Factors(PRGF) is an autograft technique used to promote the regeneration of damaged tissues.

The process begins with obtaining venous blood from the patientf. Plasma Rich in Growth Factors has a higher concentration of platelets than normal blood. These platelets are responsible for releasing the growth factors that will promote the healing of tissues.

To obtain the plasma, the blood is centrifuged for a certain time and speed. Once the centrifuge is finished, 3 fractions in each tube will be obtained:

Fraction 1, Fraction 2 and the Red Blood Cells fraction. Fraction 1 is extracted from each tube and placed in an empty tube. The same operation is performed, but now with Fraction 2. This Fraction 2, which is the richest in growth factors, can be used to moisturize the surface of the implant before its placement or to apply on a post-extraction socket and thus favor the healing.

To activate the coagulation, CaCl2 is added to the tube and the contents are poured into two glass containers that are placed in an oven at 37 ° C. After a few minutes a fibrin clot with growth factors will be obtained.

Activated Fraction 2 can be used to fill a post-extraction socket or to combine it with some type of bone graft for sinus or bone augmentation. The growth factors that it contains are released and are those that will promote the healing of hard and soft tissues.

Activated Fraction 1 has less growth factors than Fraction 2. It can be used to make fibrin membranes that can be used to cover the lateral window in a sinus augmentation procedure, or to use it as a membrane to cover bone grafts.

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