3D Guided Surgery. Ref.: 39

Guided implantology is a tool that can help in the planning and placement of dental implants in a correct position. It starts by obtaining a CBCT from the patient that will allow the surgeon to visualize in 3D the morphology of bone, teeth and other anatomical structures. The patient’s mouth is then scanned in 3D either using intraoral scanners or by scanning the physical model of his/her mouth. Subsequently, the CBCT and the scanner are superimposed on the patient’s mouth using a computer software. At this point, the placement of the implant is planned according to the anatomical characteristics of the patient. Once the type of implant is chosen, a surgical splint that will guide the placement of the implant during surgery can be designed. Once the splint has been designed, the file can be exported and printed with a 3D printer in different biocompatible materials.The splint is placed resting on the adjacent teeth to obtain a good stability. Then, the milling protocol begins, which will end with the placement of the implant in the previously planned position with the computer software. Finally, the crown will be placed on the implant to finish the treatment.

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