Bone Resorption Due to Lack of Teeth. Ref.: 38

3d video about edentulism and bone resorption. Edentulism, or absence of teeth, causes a progressive reabsorption of the maxilla and jaw due to the lack of stimulation by the teeth. Here we can see how the progressive bone resorption is going to cause changes both in the external and internal appearance, being able to produce that the complete prosthesis lose fit and have mobility, which can be uncomfortable for both chewing and speech. The reabsorption of the maxillary bone will also cause the appearance of wrinkles in the nasal and subnasal grooves, and the jaw will move forward. For its part, the reabsorption of the mandibular bone will generate wrinkles in the neck and cause the jaw to move backwards. Bone resorption occurs both at the maxillary and mandibular areas, this will reduce the distance between the chin and the nose, resulting in a more aged appearance. It is therefore important to replace the missing teeth to avoid or reduce the physiological advance of bone resorption.

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