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DentalPlay is a 3D dental video platform aimed at making it easier for patients to understand the treatments to be performed.



Physiotherapy of TMJ, head and neck. Ref.: 57
Tooth cracks and fractures. Ref.: 58
Clear orthodontic aligners. Ref.: 67

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According to the number of videos you need. You can choose between 2 options: to use the videos in your clinic or to upload them to your website.

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At the time of placing your order you can upload an image file with your logo so that we can personalize your videos.

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We send you the order within a maximum period of one week by email or direct download link.

Videos Made by Dentists,
for Dentists

All our videos are produced by dentists specialized in different areas and by a team of highly experienced graphics professionals in 3D content development.

Latest Generation 3D Videos

The treatments are described in great detail and with spectacular state-of-the-art 3D animations. The videos are kept updated and new content is constantly generated with the most avant-garde treatments.

Subtitles Available
in 15 Languages

All videos are available with or without subtitles. The languages available for subtitles are Spanish, Galician, Korean, English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Hebrew. If you want the videos with subtitles in a language that is not in the previous list, do not hesitate to contact us.
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The videos purchased will be delivered personalized with your company logo for free. A light transparent watermark will also be included with your logo for added protection of your content. You can choose between two locations for its positioning on the screen, in the upper right corner or in the lower right corner.

Simply Excellent

In these full video examples you can check the quality and content. You can also view more demos of each of the available videos.





Oral Health

Dental Esthetics

Advantages for your Clinic,Advantages for you

Educate and retain your patients with our videos, improving the image of your clinic and increasing the acceptance of treatments.

Build loyalty to your patients

Improve the explanation and understanding of the different treatments and thus the confidence of your patients.

Modernize the image of your Clinic

Modernize the image of your clinic by providing added value to your patients while they wait or are treated.

Increase Productivity

Improve communication with your patients and increase the acceptance of new cases and treatments.

Instruct your Staff

Instruct your clinical staff in explaining the different specialties and treatments to your patients.

Use the Videos in your Clinic, Website or Tablet

You can choose between 2 types of options and rates, depending on whether you want to use the videos on devices at your dental clinic or if you only want to include them on your website.

Direct download of video files

For use in your dental clinic, the videos can be downloaded directly through a private link, in a format prepared to connect to any TV or PC / MAC device. Logo customization and subtitle selection from 15 different languages is included. Also, if you wish, you can expand this option with streaming videos for your website. If you want to integrate the videos on your website, we will serve them in your domain via streaming from a private channel of the Vimeo video platform for full playback compatibility on the different devices from which your website can be visited. Contact us for more information on options and fees.

Streaming for your website

You can subscribe to our complete list of videos to be viewed online under your web domain. For this, we will send you a unique code per video and associated with your web domain to be able to integrate it into your page. Includes customization with your logo and watermark.

The best application in your practice

Dentool is an iOS application for the iPad developed specifically to help dentists be more effective in explaining dental treatments and conditions to their patients.

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Customer reviews

Dr. Jose Antonio García Montemayor – Mexico

DentalPlay has been of great help to explain treatments that the patient has an idea of how they are, but watching the DentalPlay videos helps to clear up doubts and, above all, it is a great marketing tool, without leaving behind the educational aspects. I highly recommend it, I personally added it to my office page to have a more professional image.

Doctors Beca - Spain

Establishing a simple, clear and precise communication about the treatments that we carry out in consultation with our patients is, without a doubt, a priority in our clinical practice. Thanks to the audiovisual content of DentalPlay we can explain a large number of treatments in a fast and enlightening way for the patient, helping us to gain their confidence and improve our performance. A teaching material of great value.

Pardiñas Dental Medical Clinic - Spain

DentalPlay 3D dental videos are a daily tool in our clinic. With them we can explain in a clear and visual way the treatments that we are going to perform on our patients. The patient understands the treatments they are going to receive much better, which gives them peace of mind and confidence. It is also a good marketing tool, since with them we have increased the number of acceptance of quotes. Recommended for any clinic.

Antonio Ferreño Clinic

We have been using Dentalplay for many years, the videos are a simple and didactic tool to explain to patients the pathologies and dental treatments that we perform, they are very careful and intuitive videos without showing elements that may be unpleasant for the patient. Improving our communication and understanding by the patient, thus affecting the acceptance of some treatments.
Videos interspersed with news and information from the clinic are also played in the waiting room, it is entertaining and patients pay attention to what is displayed on the screens. An essential tool.

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Where does the license allow the videos to be played?

The license of the videos allows their reproduction in the Dental Clinic designated in the contract and via streaming in the web domain indicated by the client.

Can I upload the videos to the Internet to video platforms, social networks or other channels?

No, the license does not allow the use of the videos on this type of platform or its dissemination in any of its forms.

How can I watch the videos on these internet platforms?

Offering a link to the video on your website.

What is streaming to a web domain?

The purchased videos will be played only on your website. Each video will be associated with the client’s web domain by means of a unique and non-transferable code.

What kind of security and fluidity does our system give?

Because we use the Vimeo Pro servers, the videos open quickly and the loading of your web page does not slow down regardless of the number of users connected at that moment.

Can I use the videos on a site other than my clinic?

Yes, if you have purchased the DentalPlay Clinic option, you can use them in any video player for your conferences, talks, courses, etc. It is not allowed to upload the videos to any broadcast channel on the internet.

How to embed the videos on my website?

We will send you a document with the URLs of each video to embed in the content of your website or in the HTML code. These URLs make the streaming request from the client’s website, Vimeo authorizes the request that is made from the registered domain and reproduces it in that domain. The Vimeo channel is private and hidden from the public, so that if the URL is entered in a browser, Vimeo will show that this page does not exist.

The incorporation of these URLs can be done in two ways:

  • Incorporate the URLs into the content of the page if it is a CMS.
  • Embed the URLs in a video iframe in the HTML code.

This technical information in greater detail will be sent to the IT manager of the website.